June 15, 2012

Paul's 1st Month

Blessed First Month to Dearest Paul Valentino Tansri :)

Telephone Booth

A Telephone Booth 
designed for a doctor :)

Asmi's 1st Birthday

Asmi's 1st Birthday had to be a memorable one
and we were more than glad to be a part of it :)
With regards of a similar look of our featured rainbow-ed cake ,
Asmi's mum requested various changes to her liking :)

Barbara's 21st Birthday

Barbara's 21st Birthday party was definitely a blast & one to remember :)
The Beautiful cake which our Designers have crafted for her was customized in theme of her favourite flower which was non other than , Sunflowers , was ordered by her lovely Mum,
with request of the cake being simple yet however elegant & sophisticated showing a very personal side of her daughter :)

Maya's 6th Birthday

Maya's 6th Birthday party was filled with  Fun , 
Laughter and... dogs! :)
A Natural lover to the beautiful fur balls 
her mummy decided to surprise her with a Dog themed cake 
to complete the event :)

A Colourful Affair

A recent feature in the Business Times regarding our 
popular & in demand , Rainbow-ed cakes! 

Watch Cake

Customized Cake ordered by yet another return customer , Joy
for her husband's 40th Birthday celebration! 

Owl Grown Up

* Photo Credits to Ana 

Ana , whom has ordered from us before, had a little chat with our customized cake consultant regarding
her daughter's 1st birthday cake that was approaching.
She had an Owl themed party which she requested for the design of the cake as well , leaving it to our Designer's creativity :)
It was indeed a pleasure to create yet another memorable cake for her occasion :)

" Thank you so much for making our owl cake for our daughter's 1st birthday! It was very very well done. You have yourselves a return customer


Horses Themed Cake

What we have here is a 3 Tier-ed Horse Themed Cake
that was ordered by Andrea's Mummy as a surprise 
for her daughter's blessed 21st Birthday Celebration that was held at Raffles Town Club :)
Andrea had been riding horses ever since at a very young age and grew upon loving 
the beautiful creatures that is now a big part of her life :)

Xavier's 3rd Birthday

For Xavier's 3rd Birthday , 
Mummy decided to get him a Car themed cake 
that was both vibrant in color and fun !

Tristan's 1st Birthday

Customized Toy Cars themed birthday cake 
for Tristan's 1st Birthday :)
Leaving it to our Designer's discretion to design it on behalf of our client :)


A Corporate order for " Amway Corporation " for their
recent event held in singapore :)

Brownie Bear

A customized design of a Brown Bear with daisies cake that was specially made
for a 9 year old on her birthday :)

Daddy & His Little Boy

A Birthday Cake customized for both
Daddy & son on their birthday celebration
with the 2 very things that they love.
Cars & Motorbikes.

A Beary Happy Twin Day

A return customer of ours has 
yet again customized for her adorable twin's 
Anders & Kieran's birthday celebration that was held
at their day care with both their favourite teddy bears as the theme of the cake :)