March 31, 2012

Love , A Universal Language

A Traditional Wedding Hand-Moulded Couple 
that was held overseas !
DesignerBakes wishes this lovely couple a blessed and blissful marriage ! 

A Jungle's Gathering for Jadon's 1st

Jadon's 1st Blessed Birthday that was held at NUSS Singapore's Guild house :)
Our team delivered the cake to the location and wow-ed the early party goers on the spot !
We were later let known that the cake was a hit to both the kids and adults of the party and everyone loved it :)
Mrs Lilian even took the time to write on our Facebook Page 

"Thank you so so much for the WONDERFULLY BLESSED DESIGNED CAKE for my boy's 1st Birthday! He loved it and could identify the animals...
Everyone just loved it!Greatly Blessed, Highly Favored, Deeply Loved! Amen!You guys Rocks!"

An Honor to be a blessing! 

10th Anniversary

A Husband & Wife's 10th Anniversary
A perfect gift of love to shower your other half :)

Tevia's 12th Birthday

Tevia's 12th Birthday cake that was
ordered by her thoughtful older sister :)
With wanting to make her birthday a special one , she decided to get her 
a novelty cake this year as a surprise of the usual cream cakes they have :)
Siblings love for one another :)

Sukhjevan's 16th Birthday !

3D moulded bears in dresses :)
A Beary Happy Birthday to Sukhjevan :)

Keishaa & Kinisha's 1st Birthday

Both Parents being best friends , coincidentally had both their daughters born on the very same day ! :) 
Therefore deciding to celebrate it altogether :)
Upon seeing our Lollipop cake that was a big hit amongst children , they decided to get a 3 tier-d cake
with modified changes to make their very own :)

Natalie's 9th Swirly Birthday

Swirls were the theme of this cake that 
was made for Natalie's 9th Birthday Party held at Parkway parade :)
As a artsy fartsy girl she is , she wanted a cake that had many swirls and ribbons as if in the midst
of wrapping a gift ! 

Zahabia's 21st Birthday

Zahabia's 21st Birthday 
celebrated in style.
A big fan of our Masquerade designs that zooms out both posh & beauty with
additional designs of spades and casino chips :)

K.Samuel 's 100th Birthday

Not everyone gets to live to a 100 Years old
but when one does , to throw a big party would definitely be a must :)
That's what K.Samuel's children said when they were excitedly 
discussing the details of their father's cake with
one of our consultants :)
Champagne & Shiny was what they were looking for and as for the rest, 
they pretty much left it in the creative hands of our Designers :)
They were ecstatic at the result of the cake and sent their many 
praises to our Designers at the end of the day ! 
Lovely way to make a 100 Year old blessed man's birthday a memorable one :)

Rachel's 21st Birthday Cake

For Rachel's 21st Birthday Party , 
she knew exactly what she wanted :)
Gold , Black , Strips , Ribbon and 
a Big 21 to commemorate the evening's main event.
Her coming of age :)

Just for you.

Double Heart Cupcakes with letters requested by our customer as well as 3D moulded animals :)
It's all about what you want :)
It's all about Customization , your very own :)

Masquerade Mask Cupcakes

Skillfully & beautifully hand-moulded 
Masks cupcakes ordered for a Masquerade Party recently :)

March 30, 2012

Mattias's 1st Pirate Birthday

Mattias's 1st Birthday Celebration held with
a Bang! 
When we delivered the cake to the location at a Country Club , the whole restaurant was decorated
as a Pirate Tavern ! 
With adults dressing as pirates etc , it was a smile to our faces to see all their faces lit up when the cake was revealed and the many " WOWS" we got :)

Princess Adriana's 2nd Birthday

Beautiful Princess Adriana's 2nd Birthday Cakes that was ordered 
by her Father , His Highness , for her birthday Celebration that was held in Singapore recently:)
The Designs were left to our Designer and we were let known that
everyone that attended the party loved the cakes very much ! :)

Sienna's 7th Butterfly Lollipop Cake

Lovely Sienna and her Mummy made their way down 
to our Centrepoint Shop to take a look at our albums,
they chanced upon the cake at our display and immediately wanted one that was similar to it however
upon having the concept of a Butterfly party , they requested to add moulded 
butterflies around the cake :)
Sienna's first words when she received the cake were " Oh Mummy it's so beautiful ! Thank you ! "
What more could a mother want than the satisfaction of the happiness from her child :)

Kellie's 40th Bling-ed Birthday

For Kellie's 40th Birthday
that was held at the American Country Club , 
she wanted a very sophisticated yet elegant cake that would reflect strongly on her character :)
She was very keen on the Gift Box concept when she went to our outlet and requested it to have 
more "Blings" 
Leaving the rest to our designer :)
At the end of the day , she was extremely pleased with the overall result :)
A Happy Customer , Makes a Happy Designer :)

Step's 21st Birthday

On Popular demand , 
We have been seeing a rise in Gift Box concept cakes that our customers 
are getting as a simple yet elegant gesture to their close friends that is perfect for pretty much any occasion! 

March 21, 2012

A Bootilicious 21st Birthday Farah

Farah's 21st Birthday was celebrated with 
her spontaneous loved ones getting her something that
not every 21 year old would expect :)
It was well received and everyone at the event enjoyed it! 

Chocolate Roses

A 1kg Sacher Torte 
With Hand moulded White & Dark Chocolate as decorations on top
that completes the look as well as not forgetting 
the sensuous taste :)