June 26, 2011

Ribbon Roses Cake!

For Xian Wen's lovely 21st Birthday
she wanted a cake that was pink filled with ribbon roses covering the top surface.
She then mentioned having curtain-like frills at the sides of the cake to complete the look
that she had in mind:)
This is the result of the lovely creation!
Blessed Birthday Xian Wen!

Leopard Prints Cake!

For Shaheedah's 21st Birthday 
She has decided to get a leopard prints themed birthday cake 
as she loved the design of the print very much :)
She wanted it to be as girly~ and pretty as possible :)
This was what our designers came up for her :)
Blessed Birthday Shaheedah!

Yellow Blooming Roses

Yellow roses on a white base , just the way 
our customer wanted!


Our Customer wanted to make a special & unique cake for her Mdm's 50th
Birthday and decided to go with the design of a Heel as it was something her Mdm loves very much :)
Blessed 50th Birthday!

June 25, 2011

Babytv Themed Cake

What we have here is a 1st Year BabyTv Themed Cake.
Our customer had the design of what she wanted very clearly
from the very beginning :)
This was the result of the cake :)
Blessed Birthday to Dearest Lisa !

Blue Glittery Castle

For Eva's 18th Birthday ,
as the princess of the family, 
Her loved ones got her a Blue Glittery Castle Cake
to commemorate this special day!
Blessed Birthday Eva! 

June 21, 2011

It's a Pink Tiger World !

This lovely couple went down to our Centrepoint Outlet to order a 1st year old cake for their lovely daughter
Jemayne :)
They looked through the albums and loved the 1st year pink cow themed cake that we did before 
as their daughter was born in the year of the Tiger , they wanted a pink similar theme however
 of a different design :)
This is the beauty of what our designers came up for them :)
Blessed 1st Birthday Jemayne!

Cake on a Cupcake

A cake on a cupcake!
made for Christina's Birthday!
Something different and unique at her birthday bash this year :)
Blessed Birthday Christina!

June 17, 2011

An Angel For My Angel

Daniel wanted to make a cake with an Angel Figurine on top
for his girlfriend's 20th Birthday as her name was Angel :)
He was not sure of what design to have and decided to leave it completely to our designer with only mentioning it that 
the cake has to look sweet :)
This was the beauty that our designer has made for Angel !
Blessed 20th Birthday!

Jac's 3rd Birthday!

What we have here is a 3 Tier-ed Cake with a fondant made girl Figurine of Jac for 
 her 3rd Birthday Party!
Mummy Lina wanted to have the cake designed in theme of " Ladybugs"
She specified on the colours that she wanted on the cake as well as the presence of Polka Dots , Strips and Lady Bugs.
This is the cake that was created by our designing team !
Blessed 3rd Birthday Jac!

Traditional Zi Pai Themed Cake

"Zi Pai" also known as "Pao Fu Zi" or "Pao Hu Zhi" (跑胡子) 
is a Traditional Chinese game that whoever gets the first 15 points is claimed the winner :)
This cake was ordered by a Granddaughter for her Granny's Birthday :)
She was not sure as to how the cake design should be and decided to leave it to the designer:)
The cake above is designed like a table where the game is being commenced with the colour red and the presence of gold coins as a form to represent
prosperity and wealth in all areas :)
Blessed Birthday Ah Ma!

* Zi Pai Cards provided by customer.

Mad Hatter / Topsy Turvy Design

What we have here is a Mad Hatter / Topsy Turvy 21st birthday cake
that was made for Eunice for her party that was held in Sentosa:)
She had a reference to what she already wanted in mind however she wanted to change the colours to 
pink instead as it was her favorite colour and other certain details.
Leaving to our designer , this beauty was presented to her
Blessed 21st Eunice!

June 05, 2011

Rix & Fae Wedding Cake

This cake was done for a lovely couple,
Rix & Fae's wedding that was held during the weekend :)
They did not know what design would fit best to their wedding event therefore decided to leave it completely
to our designer only mentioning that
they wanted it to be gold in colour & to have flowers present on the cake :)
This was the result of the beautiful wedding cake :)
DesignerBakes wishes Rix & Fae a Blessed & Blissful Marriage!

Guitar Themed Cake

Julie approached us with a rough reference to what
design she wanted for her Daughter , Elle's Birthday Event :)
She wanted a traditional-like guitar on top of the cake with zebra strips and musical notes
in theme of Elle's favourite colours!
This was the result of the cake :)
We were very pleased with the good feedback that we've gotten back from Julie along with her 
Family & Friends :)
Blessed Birthday Elle!