April 22, 2011

Tiger Jungle Themed Cake

For Kayden's 1st Birthday ,
Mummy wanted to get him a Tiger themed cake as he was born in the year of the tiger
and this was what our designing team came up for her!

Branded Bags Cupcakes

Branded Bag Cupcakes
Ordered by a Daughter for her Mum
An Early Mother's Day present!

April 19, 2011

Tech Geek With Headphones Cake

Andy's 21st Birthday 
with his favourite Headphones on top!

Attack of the Zombies Themed Cake

A Themed cake for
8 pax :)
Daddy was a huge fan of the Iphone app game , Plants & Zombie
So Mommy , Justine & Jessica has decided to 
get him a cake of it!

A colourful 18th Birthday

Happy 18th Birthday Frizhen !

April 07, 2011

April 02, 2011

Polo Volkswagen Shaped Cake

Our Customer wanted to make 
a polo volkswagen cake for her loved one's 36th Birthday!
As he was a fan of Volkswagen
she has decided to make a cake of one that he loved!
Blessed Birthday Kevin!

Nautical Themed Cake

1 Tier Customized Nautical Themed Cake
for dearest Kabeer's
Birthday Celebration!

Face Biscuits

 Face Biscuits 
ordered by 
as a door gift for her Birthday Celebration!

Pink Ribbon Cupcakes

Pink Ribbon Cupcakes
as a Thank you gift!

Tiger Print 1st Birthday Cake

For Matthew's 1st Birthday 
Mummy & Daddy 
had a cake made in tiger prints to represent the
year that he was born in
and a Baby Face representing him:)
Blessed 1st Matthew!

4 Happy Friends

Shiyun ordered cupcakes that resemble meaning 
for all 4 Couples who were close friends :)

Soccer Themed Cupcakes

Soccer Themed Cupcakes!

Audrey's 21st

Audrey's 21st Birthday !
She wanted her own customized design of 
what she wanted:)

Mountain Bike Themed Cake

wanted to get a Mountain Bike Themed Cake 
for her husband as her was a huge fan of the outdoor sport :)
So for his 34th Birthday she has decided to surprise him with 
a cake in theme with his favourite hobby :)
Blessed Birthday Chong!