October 24, 2011

Casino Themed Cake

A 2 tier cake ordered by a filial & thoughtful daughter
for her father's birthday celebration :)
As he loved to play the Roulette very much ,
she specially requested a fondant made one to be on top of the cake !

Baby Girl Under The Blanket !

A bulk order of Baby under the Blanket 
Cupcakes for a Baby shower event 
ordered by a loyal customer of ours 
who wanted to surprise her sister-in-law with these cupcakes!

Garden !

Back at popular demand , garden themed cake
requested by our customers to 
design a cake according to what their daughter likes!
With it's bubbly & fun-loving characters 
Shavinya's birthday was told that it was a blast!

October 23, 2011

Nautical Themed Cupcakes!

Nautical Cupcakes
ordered by a mom for her son's well suited 
nautical themed party !
Leaving the design to our designer
she was overjoyed with the result!

Keith's 20th Birthday

Ace Cards Shaped Cake
for keith's 20th birthday 
that was bought by his caring parents !

Motorbike Themed Cake

A recent order of a Motorbike themed cake
that was ordered by a girlfriend who wanted to surprise her boyfriend with 
a cake that was out of the ordinary this very year !

Victoria & Jaden Smith

Customized lettering cupcakes for Twins , 
Victoria & Jaden Smith's
12th birthday !

October 22, 2011

L'amour qui nous unit

A 3 Tier Wedding cake for a significant event 
that brings two people together of this special bond that they share :)

Le premier anniversaire de notre bel enfant

A 3 Tier 1st Birthday Cake for a Beautiful Baby in themed 
of " Colourful Fairytale "

Proposal Cupcakes!

JODYLOW must be a very fortunate woman :)
Her husband-to-be carefully & attentively planned his 
proposal to her along with of course our cupcakes as part of it all :)
DesignerBakes wishes the couple a blissful marriage to come !

October 14, 2011

Mahjong Themed Cupcakes!

Mahjong Themed Cupcakes!
Both passionate dog lovers, Iris decided to surprise Ronald with Doggy themed cupcakes
for their 2nd Anniversary! 

Initial Cupcakes

A customer came to us wanting specifically
cupcakes to her own design fit for her birthday party!

October 06, 2011

Baby Shower Time

Baby feets & Baby bottles cupcakes for a recent 
Baby Shower party!

Selen's Cupcakes

Cupcakes that were ordered by a loved one for Selen's Birthday !
They wanted Selen's personality to represent in each thoughtful cupcake!

Nothing but Elegance

Samantha's 14th Birthday !
ordered by her lovely mother who wanted to get her something that 
had style & elegance.
She chanced upon a cake that was previously done by us and loved the colours and design of the cake that 
she specially requested a similar look however adding a chanel bag on the top tier to complete the look :)

Tiffany's 1st Birthday Cake

A 1st Year birthday cake for dearest Tiffany !
Ordered by daddy who wanted a simple yet elegant cake just the way he wanted !

Cabbage Shaped Cake

A special & unique request of a Cabbage shaped cake as a surprise gift
for our customer & his wife's 28th Anniversary !
Having already celebrated the event once , he decided to give her a surprise the very next day 
( Again ) !

Casino Bond

For Andy's Birthday , his thoughtful & lovely girlfriend got him 
a Casino themed birthday cake!
Relating to his immense love for the game of cards :)