January 20, 2012

Belly Dancer Cake

A 40th Birthday Cake designed with a belly dancer on top
due to the venue & theme of the party !
A lovely wife wanted to get her husband a cake that was different and had a belly dancer feel to it therefore leaving it to our designer's creativity to 
create on that she & her family loved so much !

Hat Cupcakes!

We had a special request on designing 
15 different hats cupcakes 
by a customer for their best friend, Jolin's birthday !
& were thrilled and impress with the outcome !

Tabitha's 21st Birthday !

Tabitha's 21st Birthday Cake 
in her favourite colors! 

Stars Cake !

A Star themed cake for Jan'nah 's 10th Birthday celebration!

Tiger Jungle Cake

A Tiger Jungle Cake
with each fondant moulded tiger representing each family member ordered for
Sheng Wan's birthday !

Peacock Cage Cake !

A recent cake ordered by the Indian Association of Singapore for an event 
held over at their location! 
A fondant made peacock outside a cage cake !

Construction Tools Cookies!

Construction tools cookies ordered for door gifts at a party by a parent for her son's 4th birthday!

Princess Tiara Cake with Hearts

Our Princess Tiara cake with
sticking out hearts the way our customer requested !

Masquerade Event !

For a 21st Birthday Masquerade Ball party!
What more would a girl ask for ! :)

Wedding Favor Cupcakes !

A recent bulk order of Wedding Favor cupcakes ordered!

Emmi's 30th Birthday !

A Simple yet elegent Gift Box Cake !

Ashlee's 7th Birthday !

A 3 Tier customized cake for Ashlee's 7th birthday !
Designed according to her likes of Music & Golf !

Sports Car Cupcakes!

A recent bulk order of 
Sports car cupcakes for a school party that was purchased by one of our frequent loyal customer!

Cow Themed Cake !

For Gerard's Moo-ey Moo-ey 2nd Birthday !

For my lovely wife.

A cake that was ordered by a recent visit to our centrepoint outlet of a husband along with his children 
for his wife's birthday !
Wanting to make it a special occassion and showing a great example to his children
in terms of appreciating loved ones :)
A blessed & fortunate wife indeed!

Jeslyn's Beary 8th Birthday

Jeslyn's birthday celebration was accompanied 
with a Bear theme cake as she loves Teddy Bears very much Mummy decided to order one that was edible for her
8th birthday ! 

Baby Comfort Toy

Our customer approached us with his daughter's most valued & priced possession 
toy amongst all which was her Baby comfort toy that has been with her throughout her
4 years ! :)
He explained to us the story of how she loves it so much and wanted
her birthday cake to be it as well.
Above is the result of the sugar moulded bear made in a princess dress theme :)
A blessed 4th birthday to Genevieve !

Samm Alexis!

21st Birthday Cake in color 
themed of Samm's
birthday party !

3D Pink Hearts!

A Korean Customer ordered cupcakes from us
for his girlfriend on her birthday !


A Fondant moulded Scorpion for Suan's Birthday!
Definitely something you don't see every birthday !