September 28, 2010


Blessed 1st Birthday to David!

Bugs in Space

What we have here are our customer's son's favourite characters
from a children's Book!
Happy birthday Blessed One!


Blessed 1st Birthday to Riona!

September 25, 2010

Wei Yen

Cake & Cupcakes just the way she requested it to be.
DesignerBakes Wishes Wei Yen A Blessed & Joyous Birthday!
God Bless!

Just Married

DesignerBakes Wishes This Lovely Couple a Blissful Marriage
& Many Bundles of Joy to come!
God Bless you always!

Soccer Themed Cupcakes

What we have here is a set of soccer themed cupcakes!


DesignerBakes Here Wishing Rie a Blessed and Joyous Birthday!
God Bless


DesignerBakes Here Wishing Steph
A Lovely 21st Birthday!
God Bless!


DesignerBakes Wishing
Brianna A Wonderful & Exciting 4th Birthday!
God Bless!

September 18, 2010

Two Hearts Together.

Our Customer Approached us with help of fufilling her dream wedding cake
This was what Our Designer has given to her.
With the cake decorated in fondant roses with swirls
and beads to brighten up a wonderful occassion.
Blissful Marriage to Michelle & Hubby!

Pinky Princess Weekend!

What we have here are Princess Themed Cakes That were ordered For Today!
 DesignerBakes Team would like to wish
all our princesses a Blessed Birthday!

September 17, 2010

One Big Family.

Happy Birthday Trevor!


Happy Birthday Uti!

5th Anniversary

Congrats to Amy & Dan for their 5th Anniversary!
& Birthday!

Your Birthday!

Happy Birthday Etienne!


What we have here is a Mermaid Cookie!
Happy Birthday Peony!

Official Opening.

Congrats on Your Official Opening, Opulus Wealth!

September 12, 2010

My Heart For you

What we have here is 3D Standing up Cupcakes
Specially made for a loved one

September 10, 2010

A Beautiful 21st

Happy 21st Birthday Sharon!

Polka Dotty 21st!

A Happy 21st to Dearest Grace!

Animal Ville!

Animal Cupcakes For Friends!

September 09, 2010

Together we shall

What we have here is a 2 Tier wedding cake.
DesignerBakes Here wishes Hiep & Phung a
blissful marriage!

*Figurines provided by customer


What we have here is just a simple
1 tier cake with 5 cars around a number 1 fondant figurine!


Our Customer has once ordered a crown cake from us
and is back again this year with the same concept
A crown cake
however she wanted something different this time round
And this was what our Designer came up for her.
Happy Birthday Little Envies!
Hope you enjoyed your birthday once again!

Happy 90th Birthday!

What we have here is a 3 Tier Birthday Cake
For a grandpa from all his children and grand children.
Initially our customer wanted just a simple "Shou" Design for the cake.
However our Designer has gone the extra mile to give
our customer this,
A Beautiful Cake for a Joyous occassion!

September 05, 2010

1st Month!

Happy First Month To Ashlynn and Partner!

Mr Men & Friends!

Adorable Cupcakes for Dearest Kamen!

A Rose For You

Cupcakes Specially Customized For a Loved One!

September 04, 2010

To A loved One.

A mixture of some of the cakes that we have done!
Happy 21st Siew Hoon!

Together we'll stay

It's A Day to celebrate
A day to celebrate the very existence of " US"

September 02, 2010

For Him

I Heart Kirsten!

Hi Kirsten!
Someone out there surely loves you :)
Blessed day Dear!

All Grown Up

Happy 18th Dearest!

Happy Teacher's Day!

What better way to thank those who taught us by appreciating them through their eyes and stomachs.
Happy Teacher's Day to all those who have taught us in many ways.
God Bless!