March 26, 2011


We have a New Product now available at our Outlets!
Our irresistible 
Raspberry & Pistachio Puffs!
For Non Durian Lovers!
Comes in a Box of 12 ( Half of each flavour)
at $8.60
Hurry down to our outlets to have a savoring taste of
it now!

Anders & Kieran's Favourtie Toys

Kelly wanted to make a cake for her Twin's 1st Birthday , Anders & Kierans 
in theme of all their favourite toys
She wanted all of them to be made of fondant 
This was what our Designer has came up for her:)
Blessed Birthday To Anders & Kieran!

Muscle Man.

A customer approached us with wanting to make a abs shaped cake for her husband's 40th birthday.
She wanted it to be masculine alike of her husband.
Blessed birthday!

Gardening Themed Cake

Mr Michael came to us with wanting to make a cake for his dad 
that was related to his hobby, gardening.
This was what our designer came up for him.
Blessed birthday to dad & grandpa! 

Tech Geek Themed Cake.

Nina Hendricks came to us with wanting to make a tech-geek cake for a loved one as he
was into computer gadgets etc. 
She wanted fondant made computer peripherals such as the motherboard to be present on the cake.
This was what our designer came up for her. :)
She was well pleased with the cake and gave good feedback after the occasion.
 Blessed birthday Alfredo!

March 19, 2011

The Classique

Classy , Velvety & Exquisite 
3 Tier 
Wedding Cake 
ordered by Mr David & Bernice
for their wedding ceremony!
DesignerBakes would like to wish 
this lovely couple a blissful wedding! 

Nautical Themed Cupcakes

Nautical Themed Cupcakes
Ordered By Sarah for her
21st Birthday Party!
Blessed 21st Birthday!

Binosour & Polky Dotty Turtles

Dinosaur & Turtle Cupcakes
Ordered By Mrs Tan
a loyal customer of ours for her
Son's 5th Birthday!
Happy Blessed Birthday Jaden!

Animal Faces Cupcakes

Assorted Animal Cupcakes ordered by our Customer
For her Daughter's 4th Birthday!
Blessed Birthday Dearest

Cute Faces Cupcakes

Cute Faces Cupcakes ordered by Miss Wendy for her
students as a well done gift for their semester exams!
Congrats & Keep it up!

March 17, 2011

Style Wedding Magazine

We have been featured in the lastest Style Wedding Magazine Issue!
Do grab a copy now!

March 16, 2011

Courtesy Lion Cake

Our Customer approached us with wanting to make a
cake related to singapore for a gift to their friends as they were visiting
They wanted the Singapore Courtesty Lion &
this was what was given!
Selamat Datang Suci & Nala!

March 05, 2011

Fiona's 21st Birthday!

Fiona's Favourite colour is pink
therefore she wanted different shades of pink on her cake and
a lovely & sweet design to go along with it:)
Blessed 21st Fiona!

Wedding Gift

A pair of sisters approached us with wanting to make cupcakes
as a gift to a very dear friend of theirs as a wedding gift.
They wanted something sweet & romantic 
and this was what the designer came up for them
A roses on a cushion with a half bitten chocolate on top of it as 
they were both chocolate lovers:)
Blessed & Blissful Wedding to Linda & Hafiz!

Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding Cupcakes of 500 pcs of each design ordered by 
Mr & Mrs Pang 
for their wedding event this weekend :)
They were well pleased with the product & service given:)
DesignerBakes Would like to wish this lovely couple a blessed & blissful marriage!


Birthday Cupcakes bought for 
Chelsea's 3rd Birthday Bash!
DesignerBakes Wishes this sweet girl a wonderful & blessed birthday!

Wedding Cupcakes

Wedding Cupcakes with the couple's name on top
DesignerBakes Wishes the couple a blessed & blissful marriage.

Angel Seraphina Cake

A 1 Tier Cake made for Seraphina's 1st Birthday!
as like the cake depicts , seraphina 
an angel to her family and loved ones :)
Blessed Birthday!

Skateboard Themed Cupcakes

Skateboard Themed Cupcakes 
Our Customer approached us with images of her loved one's
Long Board , Helmet and Gloves and wanted us to make 
an imitation of it in fondant as his birthday present :)
Blessed Birthday to our dearest Skater Boy!

Pokemon Themed Cake

For Lishen's 8th Birthday ,
Mummy wanted to make a cake out of his favourite characters that he loved ever since he 
laid eyes on the cartoon
which is non other than POKEMON!