October 29, 2010

Caesar Meets Vegas

What we have here is a 3 Tier Customized cake
with the theme ,
Vegas/ Greek
and a greek goddess fondant figurine sitting on the top.
Happy 21st Birthday Celestine!


What we have here is a 2 Tier cake with precious moments figurine provided by the customer
for her lovely twins!
Happy Birthday Blessed Ones!

October 23, 2010

Golf Themed Cake

Our Customer Approached us with
just the idea of doing a golf themed cake.
Therefore this was what the Designer has for her.
Happy Blessed Birthday to the Birthday Daddy!

Princess Tiara Cake

The Princess Tiara Cake!
Happy Blessed Birthday Elsie!


Cupcakes that our Customer ordered for his loved one
Just the way he wanted.
Blessed Birthday Pat!

Wedding Cupcakes

What we have here are our weekend Wedding Cupcakes Orders
DesignerBakes Wishes The Couples A wonderful, Blessed and blissful


What we have here is a 1 tier Cake that is alike our very popular " Charlotte" Cake
With a little touch of changes here and there to make it her very own.
Happy Blessed Birthday Malerie


Our Customer wanted to get something special this year round
for his beloved sister.
Therefore he surprised her with these cupcakes
Sweet & Simple.
Happy Blessed Birthday Ivy.

Cute Faces Cupcakes

What we have here are the Cute Faces Cupcakes!
The Customer ordered 2 Dozen of it
as a Birthday Party Give away Gift!
Happy Blessed Birthday!

October 17, 2010

Graduation / Birthday

What we have here is a masquerade themed cake
with a graduation hat on the top tier!
Congrats & Happy Birthday as well to
these two blessed children!

A Beary Birthday!

What we have here is a previous design of the " Megan" Cake
with a little of the customers configurations.
Happy Blessed Birthday Xuan!

October 15, 2010


Here is a prop cake(Dummy cake) that was done recently for Club 21 under the copyrights of peanuts
to be put up as part of their display
 for their opening of their new shop at hilton hotel
that has everything related to peanuts! do check it out
DesignerBakes Wishes Club 21 a Blessed venture. 


A combination of previous cakes that we have done.
Blessed Birthday Liwen!

October 14, 2010

Big Cookie

What we have here is a big cookie with a fondant made couple on top
Happy 2nd Anniversary to this love birds!


What we have here is a polka dot red & white cake
design just the way the customer wanted.
Happy Blessed Birthday Jolyn!

Head Cupcakes

Customized Cupcakes
accordingly to how the person looks along with their

Blue Polka Dot Cake

This was made for Katoh-San
by his loved one designed with
things that he likes.
Happy Blessed Birthday!


A Gift to a recently wedded couple
for the celebration of their marriage
Sarah & Nizam
Blessed Years to come!

October 09, 2010

Princess of the Sea

What we have here is a 1 Tier Princess Tiara Cake
in Blue as it is Lauren's favourite colour.
Blessed Birthday Lauren!

It's a Colourful Day

Our Customer wanted something sweet and colourful for her daughter
Therefore this was what came out of it.
Blessed Birthday Karla!

October 08, 2010

20th Birthday Celest Ho

What we have here is a Blueberry CheeseCake(Premium cake)
with a pair of pigs as topper!
Happy Blessed Birthday Celest Ho!

Grace's 18th

Our Customer Came to us wanting to combine some of our already made designs for her precious daughter
Therefore this was what she wanted.
Happy Blessed 18th Birthday Grace.
Your Mum's Priceless Pocession.

October 03, 2010

Wedding Couple Cupcakes

Wedding Cupcaks Ordered by our Customer for their ROM.
DesignerBakes Wishes the couple a blessed & blissful marriage!


Blessed 1st Birthday Caleb!

50th Birthday Cake

Blessed 50th Birthday to our customer!

Roses of Love

Celebrating 50 Years of Love.
DesignerBakes Wishes this couple aother 50 Blessed Years to come!

Poker Doodle

Blessed 41st Birthday to Chris!

October 02, 2010

Shades Cake

Selamat Bertunang Azimah & Marshaa!
Blissful years to come!

"Charlotte" Cake in Purple

Wishing Lynn ,
A Joyous & Blessed 10th Birthday!

3 Angels Cake

Blessed 2nd Birthday Shavinya!

October 01, 2010

Mr Men & Miss Sunshine

Happy we shall all be:)
Blessed Birthday !

Camera Cake

Blessed Birthday Zhanyi!


Blessed 6th Birthday Dearest!