June 30, 2010

Mr Men and Little Miss

What we have here are the immensely popular Mr Men and Little Miss Characters on Freshly Baked Cookies!
These cookies has to be pre-ordered in a week in advance.
Own Customized Design are also Possible!

Masquerade Cake

A masquerade ball (or bal masqué) is an event which the participants attend in costumes wearing a mask.
Here we have a 1 Tier Masquerade themed cake with mask made out of sugar that our customer has requested for her Birthday Celebration!

June 27, 2010

Naughty Cupcakes!

Our Naughty Cupcakes are now available off shelves at our Centrepoint outlet!
It comes in a box of 4 for the price of $19.30 after a 10% Discount!
Hurry down to get your own box now while stocks last!


Shou is the ancient Chinese symbol meaning longevity or long life. Here we have a 2kg strawberry shortcake flavoured cake with topper made of sugar of the shou tao
and the word itself.

World Cup Cupcakes!!!

Hi All :)

Since this is now the world cup fever, why not get some cupcakes for your husbands or boyfriends or maybe even your babe to celebrate the last group of 16! Have a gathering and get each one a special cupcake for their own team. Be it a flag or maybe even a Jersey :) Give us a call at our hotline 8428 5570 or 62451136 and we'll make it a special world cup memory for you :) Have a blessed day to all customers!


The Designer Bakes Team

June 26, 2010

It's your Birthday!

What we have here is a special request for this customer's loved one to be sweet and simple.
It symbolises the person he sees her as. Beautiful just the way she is.
Happy Birthday Sharon Chung!


Here we have a picture that a customer had drawn himself requesting if we are able to do a 3D figurine of it.
and this was the outcome of the cupcakes!

Young Parents

This particuliar Cake design was previously published in the Young Parents Magazine.
A couple took special interest in it and placed an order for their 1 year old son
for his birthday!

June 24, 2010

Cheena's 1st !

Another  Cake that we recently did for a lovely and beautiful 1 year old.

It's a Girl World.

Here we have a Sarche Torte Flavoured Cake with topper of girl's accessories!

Sophie's Birthday !

Oh Its a Ducky day for our dearest Sophie!
 The figurine is provided by the customer themselves
However the Duckies were made from sugar.

Number One Shaped Bear Cake

Here we have a Number 1 Shaped cake for a boy that had a huge liking to bears!

June 18, 2010

It's going to be Father's Day soon!

Cupcakes for all of the sweetest daddies on this very special day!
Here are some of the pictures of the Father's Day cupcakes Design that we have in store.
You can purchase them off the shelves at our centrepoint outlet however well stocks last!

Soft Rock.

Here we have a soft rock themed 21st Birthday cake customized just the way she wanted it to be.

Royal Blue Castle Cake

Here we have a Royal Blue castle cake that we did for a very sweet little girl named Tiffany.

June 10, 2010

Father's Day Designs

Hi Everyone :) Father's Day is coming and if you're thinking of getting him something special, why not customize it with us? Make it an extra special day for him and one that he'll remember for a long long time. 

We are also planning to come out with Father's Day off the shelves cookies and cupcakes which will be on sale at our Centrepoint outlet... Stay tuned for the dates!!!


June 05, 2010

Facebook is ONLINE!

Hello Everyone :) Our Facebook page is online. Kindly have a look! Thanks for all your loyal support.

Just search for 'Designer Bakes' and you'll see our page :)

Have a blessed weekend :)

The Designer Bakes Team

June 03, 2010

Singapore Sale!!!

Currently we are having a 20% discount for our cakes off the shelf on location at Centrepoint. All cakes included all with Toppers are at $32.20. For our cupcakes that are available off the shelf are discounted at 10%. Hurry down and get a special gift for loved ones :) This offer ends on the 27th June.

The Designer Bakes Team

June 02, 2010

Wedding Cake Of The Month

One Of Our New Wedding Cakes made for a very Happy Couple. Picture is also available for viewing on our website at www.designerbakes.com

The Meaning of the cake as you can see Black and White represents the differences in individuals a Male and Female but the Red roses represents the unity and the bond that binds them together. Have a Blessed Marriage. :)

June 01, 2010


Welcome to Designer Bakes. Currently we'll be preparing the blog for lots new updates so do stay tuned! Oh and our NEW OUTLET has opened in CentrePoint Orchard road. Our unit number is #01-113 but it is not on display so to find it, you will need to find TCC cafe and ours is just next door! Currently located next to the main road and service road where you drive in to enter the carpark. You can't miss it! Its Black and Yellow :) Cherrios!

The Designer Bakes Team