May 30, 2011


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May 28, 2011

Estee Lauder's Japan Aid Charity Drive

What we have here are Cupcakes that were done recently for 
Estee Lauder's 
Japan Aid Charity Drive!
Mr Sojiro , VP of Estee Lauder Asia Pacific along with his lovely PDC assistant , Ms Ada ,have approached us to do a design that holds special meanings or prominent landmarks
that is related to Japan.
All proceedings will then be donated to the Red Cross in aiding Japan's Relief to those who are in need
due to the recent disastrous earthquakes.
DesignerBakes will continue to keep Japan in our prayers and is thankful to Estee Lauder for giving us this opportunity to make their cupcakes for them :)

Pirate Themed Cake

What we have here is a 2 Tier-ed Pirate Themed Cake!
Jasper's mummy wanted something different for his 1st Birthday Party and choose the theme of pirates!
She decided to put her full trust in our Designer and left 
him to design a cake for her accordingly to her theme :)
This was the result of her cake !
and we are very glad that not only her but everyone else at the party loved the cake very much!
Blessed Birthday Jasper!

Single Tier Jungle Themed Cake

 Our Customer went down to our Centrepoint Outlet to take a look at the albums available there and 
loved our 2 Tier-ed Jungle themed cake that we have recently done
which can be seen in our previous blogspots :)
However she wanted just a Single Tier for her son's 1st Birthday that was held during the weekend !
Blessed Birthday Caleb!

May 24, 2011

21st Teacher's Themed Cake

Pei Pei 's 21st Birthday is in themed of a Teacher's Cake as this is the year that she finally reaches her childhood dream of becoming an inspiring Teacher that helps mould the minds and characters our future generation! 
DesignerBakes wishes Pei Pei a Blessed 21st Birthday!

Piggy's 21st

Gina loves pigs a lot simply cause they are so adorable!
and wanted a fondant made pig similiar to that of her 
most favourite stuff toy on her cake :)
Blessed 21st Gina!

A Beary Lovely 1st Birthday!

Enqi's parents wanted to make her a lovely
1st Birthday cake that was sweet and lovable like her :)
The picked a similar design in our albums at our Centrepoint Branch 
but made various changes to it
which resulted to this beauty:)
Blessed 1st Birthday Enqi!

May 15, 2011


What we have here is a recent corporate event cake that was done
for Fed Ex that took place at the Crown Plaza Hotel located at the airport terminal 3:)
The cake was to be made in the image of the Building Facility that is going to be built by 2012
next to the airport which explains the presence of Our Singapore's Changi Tower :)
Through the constant changes in the cake details even to the very last min.
Our designers were still able to pull through with meeting the demands of our client :)
We were very pleased to know that both our client and the distinguished guests that attended the event gave many praises and loved the cake very much :)
DesignerBakes would like to wish Fed Ex a Blessed & Prosperous Business!

May 14, 2011

Prince of Thailand

What we have here is a cake that was recently done for 
His Royal Highness , the Crown Prince of Thailand
for his son's birthday event :)
As you can see above is a 3 tier-ed cake in the theme of Cute Planes:)
Along with many adorable cupcakes such as Colourful Birds , Cars , Animal Faces and Branded Designer Bags
that were ordered for the event as well.
We were very pleased to know that everyone at the event enjoyed it very much :)
DesignerBakes would like to wish His Highness , a blessed birthday!


What we have here is a 1 tier sheep themed cake!
One that showed a very relaxed fondant made sheep lying down on the top tier:)
Blessed Birthday Yang!

Money Themed Cake

For Ted's 21st Birthday ,
Mummy has decided to get him a money themed cake.
To represent riches in all areas of his life :)
Blessed Birthday Ted!

Rabbit Shaped Cake

James wanted to make a special birthday cake for his girlfriend.
One that was unique and at the same time had a special meaning to it.
Therefore he choose to give her a Rabbit Shaped Cake and specifically wanted
in all white :)
Blessed Birthday!

Nautical Themed 1 Shaped Cake

What we have here is a 1 Shaped Cake in theme of a Nautical Design
that our designer had come up with for 
Dearest Blessed Ashton !

Roses of Love

Jennifer & Brian, a wonderful and lovely couple approached us with wanting to make half bloomed roses cupcakes which has
a special & significant meaning to the both of them :)
Each Cupcake was designed with half bloomed roses on a Victorian-like base along with the final touch of mini hearts around it :)
They ordered 420 cupcakes & shared their day together as one at
the Pan Pacific Hotel with loved ones:)
DesignerBakes would like to wish this couple a Blissful & Joyous Marriage always.

Sheryl's 21st !

Sheryl along with her most loving mother came down to our Centrepoint Outlet to make an order for her 21st Birthday Celebration which was held at the Red Dot Brew House at Boat Quay :)
She fell in love with the abstract design that we had in our albums and wanted 
one of her own :)
She decided to go along with the Cake/ Cupcake as you have seen above :)
DesignerBakes would like to wish Sheryl a blessed 21st !
*Delivery / Set Up & Rental of stand was included in package.

Something we both only know :)

Our customer wanted this design of the cake that symbolizes his & his girlfriend's strong and long lasting relationship
and also one that played a sentimental meaning for the both of them for these past few years :)
He on the other hand wanted it as a birthday gift as well .
DesignerBakes would like to wish this couple a blissful relationship & a Happy Birthday to the lucky Birthday Girl!

Late Update!

We would like to apologize for the late update as we encountered 
a few uploading difficulties in blogger:(
Thankfully all is well now and we are back !
Stay tune for the latest cake creations that we have done!
You wont want to miss it :)