September 24, 2011

Doris's best friend , lovingly got her a cake along with cupcakes for
A recent Anniversary celebration of Edwin & Doris held at a posh pub in town !
Where they celebrate once again of the special love that they both share 

*Precious Moments figurine provided by customer :)

Enqi's 21st Birthday !

Enqi really liked one of the past 21st birthday designs that we made before
so she choose the same one for her party
however she made few changes to the colours etc :)

Keagen 1st Birthday !

For Keagen's 1st Birthday , Mummy & Daddy didn't want to make
a really big cake as it was only to be shared amongst the family
however they still wanted to make it really special for their dearest baby's birthday :) 
Therefore they ordered a 1 tier cake with a tiger figurine to represent the year that he was born in! 

Every boy's Birthday Present Wish

Our Customer wanted to make a kinky cake for her husband's birthday ! Something out of 
the ordinary she says ! :)
and she had exactly what she wanted in mind
A fondant made girl to represent herself in sexy lingerie! 
Detail by detail , she let known how she wants the cake to turn out to be and 
she was so delighted at how the cake turned out to be !
Just the way she wanted :)

Jess's Bright 21st Birthday !

For Jess's 21st Birthday , she wanted a cake in theme of " Cheerful Childhood "
to represent the good & happy times in her life ! :)
Letting known to the staff over at our outlet the little details that she wants on her cake
She was very happy with the fact that our designer designed the cake to every detail that she wanted !

Heels Themed Cake

Our customer came in a hurry at our Centrepoint outlet one night
as he was out having dinner with his girlfriend somewhere near the vicinity, he did not want her to know that he was ordering a cake
as a surprise gift on her birthday !
As a big fan of heels she is , he quickly picked the design that he was sure she'd love in our albums
and made few changes to it :)
Blessed Birthday to Sachar!

Cupcakes for Mum & Dad

Cupcakes ordered by our customer
for their Mum & Dad whose birthday coincidentally falls on the very same day !

American Flag Cake

A regular customer of ours ordered a American Flag cake recently 
for a dear friend who was leaving singapore.
She initially wanted a circle cake fashioned in the flag's colours
however she then decided to leave it to our designer instead , putting trust that he knows what would
suit best :)
The result = More than satisfaction ! :) 

September 21, 2011

Jolene's Cupcakes!

For Jolene's Birthday ! 

Wedding Cupcakes!

Cupcakes of Xiong & Ting as Wedding Favors!
DesignerBakes wishes Xiong & Ting a Blessed & Blissful Wedding !

1 Sunny side up to go!

Our consultants received a call one day from our outlet 
regarding a customer who wanted a sunny side up egg on top of a cake. As she was not sure of what else she wanted on the cake , she just left the design as that.
Our designers then suggested why not have it in a pan?
or better why not have the pan on a stove! 
She was delighted to hear the suggestions of our designers and immediately loved the idea of it all :)
She left it to the hands of our creative designer and the day that she picked her cake up,
she was shocked yet delighted at the uncanny resemblance of it all ! :)

Customized Bag Cake!

For Denyse's Birthday ,
her close friends decided to chip in & get her a unique present , one she probably have never thought of !
As a big fan of couture bags
They decided to order a cake in theme of it ! 
Leaving the design completely to the designer only mentioning the colours that they would want of the bag & cake !
They were awed by the results and were so excited to present the cake to her! 
Well we were too!

Dinosaur Cupcakes!

Aren't these the most extremely adorable Dinosaur Cupcakes ever!?
For Claire's 7th Birthday , her parents decided to get her these cupcakes instead of the usual formality of a cake 
to celebrate!


Jean loves heart shapes as well as the colour pink which explains the many heart shapes & different varieties of pink that you see on the cake! 
She fell in love with one of our previous designs & made changes to suit to her liking ! :)
A beautiful hearty 21st birthday cake was presented to her :)

Angels of Mummy's

Our Customer came to order a 3 Angels themed cake 
for his lovely wife as a surprise gift for her birthday ! 
Holding meaning of angels always watching over her :)

Surf me a river.

Mrs Gibbs , a lovely frequent customer of ours 
approached our staff over at the Centrepoint Outlet along with her beautiful children with wanting to make a cake in theme of surfing with a surfer dude moulded figurine after discussing it with her children :)
Leaving the design completely to our Designer 
She was very happy with the outcome of the cake as of like a wave effect etc ! :)

September 17, 2011

A Golfly 60th Birthday !

A cake that was ordered by Mr Masuno's generous & thoughtful staff as a surprise gift 
for his 60th birthday ! 
As a huge fan of golf , his staff decided to get a golf themed cake as it would best represent him! :)

Long Distance Couple !

Our Customer had an appointment with one of our customized consultants regarding 
cupcakes that she would like to order to surprise her fiancee on his birthday !
As both of them lived in different countries , she wanted to 
have designs that both of them could relate in terms of their long distance relationship :)
Which explains the Hi-cards , national flags , Blackberry etc on the cupcakes! :)
She was very happy with the result & definitely excited to surprise him with 
this wonderful thoughtful gift !

Chloe's Birthday !

Chloe's parents loved our Princess Tiara themed cake design however they did not want
the tiara but sticking out flowers instead :)
This was the outcome of the cake and it was exactly how they pictured it to be ! 

Jaime's 1st Month !

A Bulk purchase for Jaime's 1st Month celebration 
as a give away present for the attendees 
That was held at 3 different venues! :)

September 07, 2011

Palette Cupcakes

A loving & sweet mother bought Palette Cupcakes
for her daughter's celebration that was held at her art school :)
She was so excited & thrilled about surprising her daughter with the cupcakes ! :)

Rainbow in & out !

Our Customer ordered a Rainbow themed cake for his girlfriend's 
30th Birthday as it represents 
her personality that outshines to him :)
He made a special request on having the cake insides to even be in the sequence of the rainbow colours 
making it more special indeed ! 

Hirofumi's 1st Birthday

For Hirofumi's 1st Birthday,
Daddy knew exactly what he wanted to get for his precious baby's birthday cake :)
He wanted a Beach themed cake along with a Fondant made BMW Z4 car beside a baby boy relaxing 
& a beautiful blonde girl serving him :)

Customized Bag Cupcakes

A recent bulk order in assorted colours of Customized Bags cupcakes
that was purchased by our customer as she absolutely adored couture bags and wanted
to give it to her staff on her birthday as a token of appreciation for all their hard work as well !

Cartoon Faces of his very own.

Our Customer approached us with wanting to make cupcakes as a surprise for her boyfriend on his birthday as he is someone who loves to make funny & cartoon like faces to constantly make her smile:)
She gave us a reference of the cupcakes that she wanted that 
she had found online with the slight changes of the hair style & colour to of her boyfriend's  :)
A meaningful & thoughtful gift :)

365 Days

What we have here is a cake that was ordered by one of our female customers
as a surprise gift for her boyfriend on their 1st year anniversary :)
As her boyfriend recently lost his precious bolster that had been with him ever since young, she wanted to make a design of a cake with a fondant made replica of the bolster that he had as well as to commemorate the very special day that they were going to share :)
Upon receiving the cake, she was so glad that it had every detail of what she wanted on it :)

Aiden's 1st Birthday

For Aiden's 1st Birthday , Mummy & Daddy wanted to have a cake that 
was both unique & indelible!
They wanted their son's favourite teddy bear to be made out of fondant 
and be placed on top of the cake along with it hugging onto a soccer ball as it was
Aiden's second favourite toy :)
They left the rest of the design into our Designer's visionary hands
to do it's wonder !
Mummy & Daddy were both astonished with the design of the cake upon collecting it at our outlet! 

September 04, 2011

Natalle's 1st Birthday !

Natalle's 1st Birthday Cake
with 2 Bears in dresses on the bottom of the tier !

September 03, 2011

Solely Yours.

Alyssa's Mummy wanted to give her a big surprise on her 8th Birthday since they were celebrating this memorable event this year in singapore
with a beautiful cake & a fondant made heel on top of it as her little girl was starting to get fond
of these ladies wear :)
She left the design to our Designer's creativity trusting that he will do a great job & was very 
excited & happy with the outcome of it !