August 31, 2011

Heels Cupcakes!

Heels Cupcakes ordered by our customer for a dear friend who is 
obsessed with Heels!
A lovely birthday present for ladies ! 

August 20, 2011

Pink Leopard Prints Cake!

Sarah's 26th Birthday cake was a Gift by her lovely & thoughtful friends!
They wanted something that was unique & that sarah could relate which was non other than pink leopard prints !

Amanda( Customer ) Testimonial that was sent via email :)
Thanks so much for the beautiful cake. We all loved the intricate designs on the cake! The cake tasted good too! 
Your cake was the limelight for the night! Thanks once again.
Will definitely order cakes from you guys next time!

Soccer Boots Cupcakes

Soccer Boots Cupcakes in assorted colours & specially delivered as 
a surprise gift to someone very special to our
Customer :)

August 18, 2011

A Baby's 1st Month

Cupcakes of Baby with Pacifier & Blue Baby bears were ordered by our customer for the 
celebration of her Baby Boy's 1st Month ! :)

August 16, 2011

Adriana's Masquerade Party

For Adriana's 21st Birthday , she wanted it to be Spectacular in every possible way:)
She had many ideas to how she would like her cake to turn out to be hence she met up with our customized consultant whom helped & assisted her to finalizing the design that would be of her 21st Birthday cake :)
She wanted Hand piped on swirls all over the cake as well as fondant hand molded cursive wordings to go along with the layout of her cake :) 
Not forgetting the Highlight of the cake , a deep red with golden touches of design Masquerade mask placed on the top tier :)
Upon collecting her cake, she was almost brought to tears as she didn't expect the cake to turn out 
this beautifully as how she pictured in her head ! She gave her many thanks to our Designing Team & Staff & left joyously with her cake :)

21st Precious Moments Cake

This is a cake made for Sherlyn & Pearlyn's 21st Birthday !
They wanted a Precious Moments Themed Cake in Sweet light pastel colours with Bears lying around on the Bottom Tier!

* Figurine of Precious Moment provided by the customer 

Anna's 30th Birthday !

Anna & her friends came down to our Centrepoint Outlet to order a cake 
for her birthday celebration that was going to be held during that weekend. She immediately fell in love with our Masquerade design and insisted that she have her cake in that design! :)
With few changes made to the cake, 
A 2 Tier Masquerade Themed Cake was crafted for Anna's 30th Birthday!

Sports Cars Cupcakes!

Sports Cars Cupcakes made for Kyle's 1st Birthday Celebration! 

Tiara's 21st Birthday!

For Tiara's 21st Birthday , her warm & affectionate boyfriend , Darren 
surprised her on the first day with Cupcakes of the things that she loves & on the second day
A birthday cake made for a princess with a Tiara on top of it :)

Princess Themed Cake

What we have here is a 1 Tier Princess themed cake with a fondant made princess wearing a crown that was ordered by Pamela's 
Mummy as a surprise gift for her 7th birthday !

Dearest Bao Ngoc's 1st Birthday

Our Customer wanted to make her daughter's 1st Birthday a memorable one 
which was why she specially ordered a 2 tier cake as well as cupcakes for the celebration that will be held back at home in Vietnam ! :)
As her daughter was born in the year of the tiger , she requested tiger figurines to be around the cake and as well as a Angel figurine on the top tier to represent her 
beautiful baby daughter :)
The cake & cupcakes were packed properly for traveling purposes & she was so delighted with the
results of her order! :)
Blessed Birthday Bao Ngoc

August 15, 2011

Friends Forever

Our Customer , Miss Vennetta ,
 ordered a 1 tier princess tiara cake however replacing the tiara with a Pig on top of it instead & scheduled it to be delivered to her good friend , Charlene's house as a surprise birthday cake for her!

Happy Birthday My Love

This 1 tier cake was customized for Mr Pantelis for his lovely Fiancee's 
Birthday Celebration :)
He wanted the cake to be in red as it symbolizes his love for her
and white as a symbol of Purity , as how he sees her :)
He was so delighted with the result of the cake & even dropped by the Centrepoint Shop the very next day to say his thanks to the team & staff :)

August 14, 2011

A Teacher's Farewell Gift

A Kind ,Thoughtful & Generous Teacher from Nanyang Girls High School
went to our Centrepoint Outlet 
& ordered 60 Open Book Cupcakes for her students as well as a set of double hearts cupcakes for 
a fellow Teacher who was leaving the school as a token for her contribution all these years to 
her & the school :)
Cheers to Teachers who set a good role model examples to students! :)

August 11, 2011


Our Customer was inspired by our recent heart shaped cake that we have done which consisted of different languages of " I LOVE YOU " scattered all over the cake.
She wanted to get a similar cake of that for her husband as a surprise gift for their 14th Anniversary:)
However she preferred sticking with English words of " I LOVE YOU " scattered all over with a fondant made heart shape standing on top :) 
A lovely gesture with 3 simple words that holds the meaning of their relationship :)

All good things comes in pairs!

This beautiful 19th Birthday Cake is made for a pair of lovely twins! ,
Eugenia & Eugene
ordered by their family members as a surprise gift 
for their party !

A Gift.

Our Customer approached us & had let known that she wanted to send a surprise birthday cake
for her best friend's daughter!
As well as cupcakes to go along for the whole family :) 
She browsed through our Centrepoint Album & decided to go for an Angel Themed Cake!
It's hard to find friends like this these days :) 
Erin is truly a blessed girl !