July 27, 2011

21st Hollywood Themed Cake

This was one of the recent cake/cupcake concept that we've done in theme of "Hollywood"
for Xavier's 21st Birthday party that was held at Marina Bay Sands Hotel suite.
He approached our customized consultant with the idea of having a cake/cupcake concept in the theme of "Hollywood" and left it completely to our designer's hands to work his magic on the cake :)
He ordered a total of 60 cupcakes as well as a cake to be on the top tier of the stand.
The cake is being decorated with a fondant made Director's action board as well as with fondant made films , video cameras , light bulbs,  stars as well as champagne bottles finished with a red carpet.
The cupcakes were designed with an " X " alike the walk of fame along Beverly Hills :)
As Xavier bought the package , set up was also included and the cupcakes were set on a red carpet giving it it's
atmosphere with gold stars confetti & golden globes trophies around and pictures of his favourite Actress & Actor which is 
Kim Kardashian & Johhny Depp :)

Below is the Testimony of the outcome of the cake by Xavier Himself.

"Once again, I would like to say a huge thank you to Designer Bakes for creating such a wonderful design of the cake in accordance to my theme, it turned out so well and it was way beyond what I've imagined it to be! It was perfect, all my guests loved it and gave many compliments about the intricate design, the chocolate brownie flavour was rich and intense. It taste so so good! Thanks for making my 21st birthday party such a wonderful and unique one! I will definitely recommend to all my friends to order from Designer Bakes! Lastly, I would like to say a big thank you to the staff that came to set up, she was very friendly and helpful and even suggested the placings of the cake to bring the best effect out. She even gave a very detailed illustration of the cake! Thanks so much! It was awesome!!"

DesignerBakes would like to wish Xavier a blessed and wonderful 21st birthday !

*Cake/ Cupcake concept comes in a package

July 26, 2011

60th Birthday !

This Birthday Cake made for our customer's beautiful mother for her 
60th birthday celebration!
Her children took the time to specifically let known the different type of roses that she would like to have on the cake which was the bloomed roses as well as the ribbon roses 
as her mum loves the flower very much , she got the cake in theme of that :)
What wonderful children!
Wishing their mother a happy & blessed birthday!

9 Things that she loves

This loving Gentlemen came to our Centrepoint Outlet with the intention of wanting to make 
21 cupcakes of things that his girlfriend loves :)
He eventually op for 3D hearts that spelled her name as well as birthday wishes
and 9 cupcakes of things relating to what she loves which includes
- Banana
- Corn
- Durian
- Mcmuffin
- Gerbera Pink Flower
-LV Bag
- DSLR Camera
- Tennis Racket
- Tennis Ball 

And lastly the last thing to represent something that she loves would be
himself :)

Soccer Themed Cupcakes

These Cupcakes were ordered by Mrs. Sidhu for 
her son's 6th birthday celebration!
As a fellow & born soccer player , Rajveer , Mrs sidhu
op to go for cupcakes relating to his favourite sport's theme!

Princess Themed Cake

A Princess themed birthday celebration 
for Lauren's 1st birthday!
Our signature Princess Tiara cake as well as fondant made tiara cupcakes!


Baoyi loved the layout of our previously done 
" Fiona's 21st " Birthday cake therefore she wanted the same design however changing the colours to
Blue, White & a touch of grey as she loved the 
combination of these colours!

Heart Shape Cake

This year , Christina wanted to make her boyfriend , Soon chuan,
a unique cake that he would definitely remember always.
After discussing with our customized consultant , she decided to go with her initial plan of a heart shaped cake however with different languages of " I love you "scattered all over the cake :)
Our designer then added a little touch of a 3D fondant heart shape to complete the look! 
Happy 26th Birthday Soon Chuan!


Both of Sandy's Best friends
decided to order Alphabet cupcakes for her birthday to commemorate the occasion !
As sandy loves rainbow colours they decided to go along with a mixture of bright colours 
for the design of the cupcake!

" Thank you " Cupcakes

Anita dropped by at our Centrepoint outlet to order
" Thank you " Cupcakes that were meant to give away to her wonderful colleagues that she has been with for years
as a thank you gift as she was leaving the company.
She wanted Flowers & Heart shapes on the cupcake in colours of pink & red :)


Little Jorius was born in the year of the tiger last year which explains 
nonetheless why Mummy & Daddy decided to go with Tiger prints 
for the design of the cake as well as 2 tiger fondant made figurines to complete the look !
A blessed & joyous day indeed for Little Jorius & his family :)

For my one & only

Mr Peh chanced upon our facebook
and cupcakes of 3D hearts caught his eye :)
He decided to order cupcakes for his girlfriend's upcoming birthday
that spelt her name in 3D Hearts as well as bouquet of pink roses as it was her favourite colour 
and flower!
A romantic & sweet gift for a loved one indeed!


After years of sheer hard work,
Sherilyn is finally graduating from school !
As a present & a gift to her for her achievement , her lovely family has decided to 
hold an event as a celebration of her graduation :)
Along with the order of this adorable cake!

Roses For An Anniversary

What other way to celebrate a joyous memorable occasion of 
an anniversary but with a cake !
This cake was ordered by Yvonne & Lawrence's 
beautiful daughter as a gift to her parents for their 24th Anniversary!
Cheers to 24 Years & more to come ! 

July 25, 2011

Customized Cookies

A lovely lady & mother herself, Nudrat , came all the way from Mumbai and
approached us earlier this year in regards of both her son's birthday celebration that she has taken into
preparation in advance.
She met up with our Customized Consultant at the Centrepoint Outlet during her visit in singapore to discuss further regarding her options as she was going to bring back the products to her homeland:)
Eventually she op to go with Cookies as it was more feasible for the occasion :)
As the theme of the party was " Racing Cars "she went along with what our consultant adviced her with which was a fondant made 
racing car with elements like a racing flag & traffic lights to complete the look :)
She ordered 60 cookies of both designs
which were then packed nicely for traveling purposes :)

July 06, 2011

4 Tier Casino Themed Cake

What we have here is a 4 Tier Casino Themed Cake that was ordered by
Sarah for her Father's 60th Birthday Bash that 
was held during the weekends at Amara Hotel :)
Blessed 60th Birthday!

For Gordon

A Fan of both the country Scotland & Singapore
& a frequent flyer between these two countries 
a loved one has decided to make a cake that had both countries flag on as well as 
adding basketballs & soccer balls as both were his favourite sport!
Blessed 30th Gordan!

Heart Shapes on a Birthday Box

A Birthday cake made for Moomsie!
Ordered by her children for her birthday!

Mr Toad with Gifts

A Birthday Cake made for a Princess!
With Chanel bags on top & Mr Toad to present them
who could have ask for more !
Blessed Birthday Please!